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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Starting A Fitness Program After 50

I myself, like most people use to believe, as we age our beliefs about ourselves change, and one of those beliefs is about our ability to lead an active lifestyle. Many older people believe that they can no longer exercise like they used to when they were young. In many cases this may be true. However, studies show that it is never too late to start exercising.

Nobody is too old to begin exercising. But it is important to start slow and work your way up. Once you have established an exercise routine you'll likely find that you can be healthier, more active, and feel better than you did and even in your younger years.

Before you start an exercise program you should have a medical checkup. Check with your doctor to see what kind of exercises he/she recommends. You aren't likely to find that your doctor will disagree that exercise will be a positive thing even into old age.

At the beginning your exercise program you should include moderate levels of activity, and you should not start out with marathon exercise sessions. A good short 15 minute walk is an example of a moderate form of exercise that can yield great benefits. You may want to start with just 10 minutes. Or you may find it you can only walk for five to 10 minutes before taking a rest.

The important thing is to keep setting goals and moving ahead. So if you start with 10 minute walks gradually increase that time to 15 minutes and then to 20 minutes. Don't try to prove to yourself how much you can do in your first session. It is far better to build yourself up and increase your activity level each day as your body begins to feel more comfortable with the tasks you are putting it through.

A good goal is 30 minutes of modest exercise each day. Ideally, this would include a combination of stretching each day and alternating aerobics and weight training. But this isn't where you have to start. Especially if you have not been active for many years it could take weeks or even months before you're comfortable with a 30 minute walk.

There are many changes in our bodies as we age. Aging causes muscles to deteriorate along with our lung capacity. The rate of our metabolism and our flexibility decreases with age. There are also higher risks of medical problems such as osteoporosis.

It is estimated that regular exercise can prevent over half of the potential physical declines associated with aging. Physical activity slows down the aging process while increasing your energy, your stamina, and your mental health.

Improvements in strength, muscle tone and appearance are obvious benefits of exercise. But regular exercise will also increase the efficiency of your lungs and your heart warding off potential problems. It is essential to keep your ligaments from becoming too stiff as you age as this will result in less flexibility and reduced range of movement.

An active person will receive benefits such as decreased blood pressure and a decreased heart rate. Improvements in self-image, confidence and reduced levels of stress are other benefits.

When you are considering a course of exercise activity it is important to examine several categories. These categories are aerobic training, weight training and flexibility.

In the beginning it is essential to increase your flexibility as much as possible. For people who have not exercised in a long time increasing flexibility should be the starting point and should precede other activities. Tight muscles can lead to injuries.

Once you have spent several weeks improving your flexibility it is time to move to aerobic activities. Walking as previously mentioned is a great way to start. Another great activity is water aerobics. If you have access to a pool, this is a great way to get aerobic exercise without causing pain or stress to the joints.

Weight training should generally come after you have learned to increase your flexibility and developed a program of regular aerobic exercise. There are many options for weight training that do not require you to join a gym. Many exercises such as push ups, or even push ups starting from the knees can help to build muscle strength.

While many people feel that exercise is something that is more difficult for them to do as they age it is just as important, if not more important to exercise in the latter portions of our lives.

Make it Happen!

Written by,

Dwight Obey (Founder - 1st N Weight Loss), and AdvoCare Independent Distributor.

" I have found that AdvoCare has so many nutritional supplements that support overall wellness, weight management, energy, etc.."- Dwight Obey

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This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

5 Genuine Weight Loss Tips

The world as we know it is fascinated with weight loss, some for health reasons and others for cosmetic. No matter the reason, many people try harsh diets that never work, extreme exercise regimens that result in injuries or other weight loss program that end without success.

The reason that none of these weight loss methods seem to work is because in order to stay with a program, you have to enjoy it. Not only that, but it has to be safe as well.

Below are 5 genuine weight loss tips, which almost anyone can do without tossing out their favorite food or spending every spare minute in the gym. Realistically, any weight loss program will take time. If anyone promises you different, they are either not being completely honest or are simply uninformed.

Follow one single weight loss program for 30 days, whatever it may be, and see if you have results. If not, move on to something else. In the meantime, check out several tips to getting started today.

Tip - 1


If you can set aside 30 minutes every day to enjoy a leisurely stroll, you will be strengthening your legs and your heart while burning some calories in the process.

Tip - 2

Use a mini cycle.

These portable little exercise units offer the look of bicycle pedals set up on a metal bar, but without the high price or weight of a standard exercise bike. With a min cycle, you can pedal at your desk, on the couch or anywhere else that you can comfortably set and reach the pedals.

Tip - 3

Walk or take the stairs instead of an elevator.

This is a terrific weight loss exercise without even noticing the extra effort. Something as simple as a few extra steps every day can go a long way where weight loss is concerned. The next time you go to the store, park in the middle of the parking lot and walk to the store. Avoid parking in the closest spot to the door, which is tempting, but opt to walk instead.

Tip - 4

You do not necessarily have to cut out all of your favorite foods, but you should eat them in moderation.

There is no single food that will completely hinder your weight loss attempt but, if consumed excessively, it may. For instance, simply limit your intake to one candy bar or, if you are being really careful, a miniature candy. There is no reason to cut out your favorite food when a conservative amount of the things we love can still have a place in our lives, including during the times that we are focusing on weight loss.

Tip - 5

Whatever exercise routine, you decide to use, set aside a certain time each day to do it.

Individuals who set a routine are much more likely to stay with it and find success than those who simply exercise whenever they have time. The goal to successful weight loss is to make time.

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Is Organic Really Better For You?

The short answer is, most health researchers say no. Organic food is not better for you, as studies have found that it has basically the same nutritional value as non-organic food.

In addition organic food is generally more expensive.

A review published in the scientific journal Critical Reviews In Food Science And Nutrition in 2010, reported that some studies found organic foods had higher levels of vitamin C and phosphorus than conventional foods, but after further, and closer scrutiny there was little difference between the nutrient levels. 

Other tests on the fatty acid composition of organic and conventional food showed minimal difference, with some tests even showing organic eggs having a greater concentration of the bad saturated fats.

While many health professionals, still today continue to advise people to eat organic, you need to be wary as there is little scientific evidence to support this, and as stated before the debate is ongoing. 

If you are thinking about going organic, just remember to do your due diligence prior to starting.

Monday, May 8, 2017

What To Do Before Starting A Weight Loss Plan

Starting a weight loss plan can be both fun and daunting at the same time. You’re opening up new possibilities for yourself, but at the same time, you’ll be changing a lot of things that you’re used to. Many people get stuck in their heads when they start planning to lose weight, a mindset which can make the whole endeavor fail. However, with enough preparation, you can have a weight loss program that works.
It’s important not to set yourself up for failure. Before you even begin forming a weight loss diet plan, get it in your head that you will succeed. As long as you pace yourself and remain realistic, you can set out to achieve your goals.
To maximize your chances for success, it’s best to prepare for what lies ahead. Don’t just begin your weight loss plan without preparing for it, because that’s like going up on stage at a dance recital without ever learning the routine. Here are a few things you’ll need to know and remember before you start on your weight loss plan.
Go easy on yourself
A lot of past diet fads advised the removal of certain types of food from your diet. While doing this can help you gain some short term success, it’s not the best for long-term success. Thus, it’s not really a weight loss plan that really works. If you deprive yourself of foods that you’ve always loved, there’s a huge chance that you’ll be tempted to try a “bite” of that forbidden ambrosia. That little “bite”, no matter how much you deny to yourself that it will ever happen, will eventually lead to binging. This isn’t really a hallmark of a weight loss program that works
Just imagine completely cutting one of your favorite foods out of a weight loss diet plan. Let’s say that this food is pizza. You love pizza, but you have to give it up. Then, your friends order a pizza for movie or game night. You think to yourself, “just one bite won’t hurt”, but then you find yourself scarfing down whole slices. We want what we want, and we want what we can’t have even more. It’s best to not play mind games with yourself like that when you need a weight loss eating plan to be effective.
Set attainable goals
One thing that can set us up for failure in any venture is having unrealistic expectations and goals. We’re more prone to giving something up if we can’t reach even the short term goals. However, we have to ask ourselves: are we just incapable of succeeding at what we set out to do, or are we expecting too much too soon?
In weight loss, it’s most likely the latter. A weight loss plan that really works is manageable and only a little daunting.
One thing you can do is keep a journal that tracks your progress and keeps an account of what you mean to achieve for each week. You should also make your goals as specific as possible. Instead of writing “lose two pounds” as your goal for the month, break it down to more specific and manageable steps. You can thus have a weight loss plan that won’t drive you crazy because it’s easier to follow and track.

Until then, good luck in your eight loss journey, and remember you can do this!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How Long Does It Take To See Fitness Results

How long it takes to see fitness results will vary depending on what your goals are along your fitness journey. “Are you looking to improve time? Get stronger? Lose weight? Lose body fat? The answer to how long it will take to get fit will vary for each one of those goals.”
A beginner wanting to run a 5K race will take less time to get in shape than someone training for their first marathon or triathlon. And they will need a different training program than someone getting ready for a weeklong backpacking trip.
In general, though, you will start to “feel” better long before you see major fitness results.
For someone starting out, typically within two weeks they can start feeling the benefits of exercise, if they were to stick with it.
This might mean being less out of breath when you climb stairs or run to catch the bus. Or being able to play with your grandchildren in the back yard without getting tired.
Although you might not have a “shredded body” yet, these small changes shouldn’t be dismissed.
The mental benefits of getting active are even more important than the external changes we are all so concerned about seeing, which might include increased motivation and confidence to keep coming back to your workout until you start seeing better results.
If you have been out of shape, or not working out for 10 years, or so it will generally take about two months of working out most days of the week to get to what is considered a moderate level.
And if you exercise regularly, over time you will see even more fitness results.
At six to eight weeks you can definitely notice some changes, and in three to four months you can do a pretty good overhaul to your health and fitness level.
Strength-specific results take about the same amount of time.
So, what are you waiting for, no waiting for tomorrow,.....remember "Today Iz The Day"

Written by,

Dwight Obey, Independent AdvoCare Distributor

Monday, May 1, 2017

Heart Disease And Exercise

The heart is a muscle and needs exercise to stay in shape. When it's exercised, the heart can pump more blood through the body and continue working at optimal efficiency with little strain. This will likely help it to stay healthy longer. Regular exercise also helps to keep arteries and other blood vessels flexible, ensuring good blood flow and normal blood pressure and cholesterol.
When it comes to exercise, a little bit performed regularly goes a long way. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), exercising 30 minutes a day, five days a week will improve your heart health and help reduce your risk of heart disease. You can even break it up into quick and manageable 10-minute sessions, three times a day.
Just be sure to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine, as exercising with a heart condition can put extra strain on your heart. Learn the signs of heart trouble during exercise and don’t over-exert yourself.....and remember you can do this!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Never Give Up On Your Weight Loss Journey

Never Give Up, Never, Never Give Up, Never Ever Give Up, Never Give UP!  

That’s right, the secret key to losing weight is not a new fad diet, it’s not a new medication, it’s not a bunch of gimmick supplements, it is A STATE OF MIND!

Let’s face it. You tried to lose weight in the past, and you failed. So what! The key is what do you do now. 

Do you give up, or do you start again. Anyone and everyone who has ever successfully lost weight and kept it off has failed in the past at one time or another. 

However, the reason they were finally able to lose the weight, was because they NEVER GIVE UP..

I know how hard and frustrating it can be,  trust me, because I have been there as well, but trust me never give up. If you have a bad day and eat a bunch of fatty junk, so what, forget about it. Just do not give up, never.

Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do RIGHT NOW and do it. Just start a new day and never give up.  If you tried to lose weight, and it did not work, try something different.


Have you ever considered the cost of quitting? For a real eye opener…what if these individuals had quit.... Thomas Edison...Steve Jobs…Michael Jordan…or Sylvester Stalone. Ask them how much it would have cost them if they had quit. What about you? What will it cost you? For starters it can cost you your life...yes your life, and if it did, think of the love ones who will be left behind,...yes it will cost them dearly as well.

So ask yourself, is this what you want, are you truly trying to hurt not only yourself, but the ones you love as well.

I know what Im saying may be harsh, but sometimes we have to hear the truth, and if me giving you this real talk will get you moving, then I've done my take the inspiration and go, you can do this, and you will do this, and remember "Today Iz The Day".

Written by,

Dwight Obey, Independent AdvoCare Distributor

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Self - Motivational Phrase

When working out try visualizing your goals, come up with a phrase that states what you are striving for, and speak it out loud when doing your exercises. 

Some of the phrases I used when I was losing my weight were, ”Today Iz The Day" and "Why wait.....” If you say this over and over, and you are not what you are speaking,  or doing what you should be doing, your mind will sense a mismatch and then have to adjust to make the connection.

When the connection is finally made, we discover the golden nugget we have been in search of..... which is called "TRANSFORMATION"

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Jot Down Your Weight Loss Goals Pt.2

Write down all the bad things that are associated with your weight. 

**Are you missing out on relationships?
**Are you worried about your health?
**Are you worried about dying early?
**Do you want to see your children get married? 

To be perfectly honest, obesity is currently the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States, just behind smoking.

If you are overweight, you have a very good chance of dying earlier than you should. Write this stuff down. The goal here is not to make you feel bad, but instead I'm trying to help you see whats really important in life, and let you know there are love ones who care, and need you.

Do you remember when you were a school kid and the teacher gave you a homework assignment that was due in a week? How many of you ran home and finished the assignment on the first day? Ok, a few of you probably did. However, if you were like me, I waited until the last minute to do the assignment. 

Why? Why did I wait until the last minute? Because I associated more “pain” with the process of doing the assignment than the  “pleasure” I would get from knowing I had finished it. That is, until the night (or morning) before it is due. Now, the assignment is due in a few hours and all I can think about is the “pains” that will come if I do not get it done. 

I will fail, my parents will get mad at me, I will get grounded and not be able to play with my friends. So what do we do? We do the damn homework, even though it causes us pain.

This might sound a little harsh, but the only reason you have not lost weight is because you associate more “pain” with the process of losing weight than the “pleasure” you will get with losing weight. 

When you eat that donut you are thinking about how good it pleasures your taste buds, but instead of thinking that you just added another 200 extra calories that you did not need which can cause you to gain more weight if you continue down this path. 

Overeating on things such as donuts on a constant basis, without a proper diet or exercise, can lead to weight gain, which may cause you to feel unattractive, and even worse more likely to cardiovascular disease issues if you are not careful. 

I know you can do this, 1'm here to lets get started.

Now write down your three month goal, six month goal, and one year goal. Be realistic. Think about losing one to two pounds a week as a goal. Put these goals somewhere you can see and read on a daily basis (Like on a sticky placed on your bathroom mirror). Let this sticky note be the reminder when you wake and start each day that you can do it.

Remember little steps, Rome was not built in one day.

No more tomorrow,..."Why wait...Today Iz The Day"

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jot DownYour Weight Loss Goals Pt.1

I know you have heard this over and over, and over. But did you every actually do it? If you want to really change your life and lose the weight, this time, write down your goals. In fact, let’s take it a little further. If this is not your first attempt to lose weight, then I'm sure you tried some other program or “diet” before and for some reason it did not work. 

The first thing I want to say is, “good job”. 

Not good job for failing in the past, good job for trying again. 

This is a little off the subject, and we will get into this more later. However, anyone who has successfully lost weight and kept it off, failed on some other program at one time or another. You see,....the difference is, they never gave up. So, good job on continuing your quest to lose weight. I know you can do it.

Now back to your goals. I want you to write down why you failed in your past attempts to lose weight. 

Did you lack time, motivation, direction, what was it? Now write down all the negative things about your life, which are related to your weight problems. What will your life be like if you do not lose the weight and keep living the way you are living?  Are you truly missing out on enjoying life because of your weight?

Are you letting your family down, because you cant do the thing they want, because of your weight ?At the end of the day, your kids just want their dad around to play and run with. What about your spouse, what are they missing out on? What about you? If you keeping living the way you are living, what will you miss out on?

To Be Continued............

Visualize The Body You Want

Everyday, especially when exercising, visualize the body you want and the person you want to be. 

Picture the new you in your mind. See your new body. Visualize what that person will be like, how will losing all that weight change your life. How will that person act? Now, be that person. 

Act as if you had already reached your goals. When a situation comes up that might adversely affect your weight loss program, such as blowing off your exercise routine, or that tempting bad snack at work, stop. Visualize the person you’re  trying to become. Now be that person. What would that person do in this situation, now be that person. “Hold an image of the life you want, and that image will become fact.”

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Attitude And Weight Loss

If you have been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight for some time, you might need to change your attitude. Take a minute and think back over the past times you have tried. How did you approach your weight loss program? Were you reluctant? Were you skeptical? Did you really think this was the one, the program that would finally work, or did you have doubts and think that you would fail again?

“If you continue to think the way you’ve always thought, then you will continue to get the same results”.

If you think you will fail you will. If you know you will succeed you will. Charles Swindoll said…

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company…a church…a home. The remarkable thing is that we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day".  

Powerful phase to repeat each and everyday along your journey

"We cannot change our past…we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…we are in charge of our Attitudes”.

That says it all. When I was losing weight, I read this daily. When I did not feel like exercising I would read this. When I weighed myself and thought about giving up because I did not lose any weight, I read this. I now am giving it to all of my readers, who visit 1st N Weight Loss.  

Good luck on your journey, you got this!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Quick Weight Loss Tips

These quick weight loss tips will help you jump start your weight loss.

In order to lose weight quickly you will need to adjust your current lifestyle. These will help you do just that in order to drop weight faster and get you motivated. Generally people will lose weight more quickly at first but as your body adjusts you will begin to lose weight at about 1 to 2 pounds a week.  

This slower weight loss is what experts recommend and is the healthy approach. Using the healthy tips below will help get you started on your weight loss progress.  These are not a fad diet approaches or any quick weight loss pills suggested here.  Instead these weight loss methods are all natural and healthy for you.

However, taking vitamins and supplements for some people may be beneficial to give you all the nutrients you need by supplementing the healthy foods you will eat.

Get Active

Get up off the couch and do something that gets you moving like gardening, cleaning house or going up and down the stairs to do laundry.  Even these activities will help burn calories and speed up your metabolism.

Play for Fun – Play for Weight Loss

You can add even more activity in your life by adding some fun activities.  Shoot basketball hoops in the driveway with your children or go for a family bike ride or even an evening stroll around the block.  

You can even play video games for additional fun activities like the Wii Fit game.  The more active you are the more calories and fat you will burn and the faster you will lose weight.

Structured Exercises

This is the most important quick weight loss tip.  If you want to lose weight quicker then you need to add a structured exercise routine to your weight loss plan.  Aim for at least 30 minutes a day of some form of structured exercise.  

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

Alcohol tends to be high in calories and offers no nutritional value.  Also when alcohol is introduced into the body your body will first use this as fuel for energy.  This means that the foods you ate are left to be stored as fat.  

Alcohol also tends to lead to bad decisions such as overeating or eating the wrong foods.Of course there may be times when you want to enjoy a drink or two. For these special celebrations, just limit yourself to just one if you can. This way you don't add too many calories for the day.

Switch to Diet Drinks 

If you drink regular flavored sodas then switch to diet.  Just this one change will show quick results in your weight loss.  Watch out for the fruit drinks as well.  Fruit drinks are also high in calories and these can add up quickly.  Minimize to one fruit drink a day or water them down.  

More Water

Even better for you than diet soda and fruit drinks if you are trying to lose weight quickly is to drink more water.  Start your day with a glass of water and have a glass of water before each meal.  If you have been drinking 8 glasses of water a day then try drinking 10 glasses a day.  Water can help suppress your appetite and make you feel full faster.

Green Tea

Green tea has become the latest and greatest quick weight loss tips craze.  Like coffee, green tea has caffeine which is known to speed up the metabolism.  But in addition green tea has Epigallo Gallate also known as EGCG.  

This is thought to be the secret ingredient in green tea that aids in weight loss.  Research suggests that drinking 5 cups of green tea a day can help burn 70 to 80 more calories. For this first quick weight loss tip, you will need to be active. If you have not yet started your exercise routine, then now is the time to start with these tips.

No More Couch Potato

Exercise not only helps burn more calories and fat but helps build lean muscle mass.  This helps increase your metabolic rate and increases your overall calories burned in a day.  

These quick weight loss tips are all about what you drink. From soft drinks to alcohol, it's important to choose your drinks wisely in order to lose the weight faster.

This is one quick weight loss tip many people are not aware of.  But another way to ensure you shed pounds faster is to eliminate all alcohol.  

Make sure to include both aerobics and strength training in your weekly exercise routine.  This way you are getting the benefits of burning calories and building muscles.  You will also help tighten and tone both muscles and bone by exercising.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lack of Sleep and Weight Gain

We often think of diet as the quality of the food we eat, but it really also includes when you eat. Research has proven that messing with sleep and the body’s internal clock can cause you to eat at the wrong times and gain weight.
Overall, those who do not sleep, and eat late, consume about the same amount of calories per day as people who slept normally, but calories consumed after 8:00 p.m. are more strongly associated with weight gain.So don't let your lack of sleep, be the cause of your weight gain.

Before embarking on any strict diet, or workout regimen, be sure to consult your doctor.
Dwight Obey, Independent AdvoCare Distributor

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Decision

Deciding to overhaul your diet and lose a few extra pounds takes a desire, dedication, discipline, and a little teamwork (support system), but it’s totally possible. Selecting the right method, and having the right attitude and commitment can mean the difference between achieving your goals and having success that is either short term, or long term.
Prior to taking on any new diet or weight-loss plan, it’s advisable to consult with your physician first. This is particularly imperative if you battle with any significant weight, or other health related problems. It’s also important to surround yourself with a good support system, such as close friends, and family members who will encourage you during your journey.
Dwight Obey, Independent AdvoCare Distributor

Monday, December 19, 2016

My Fitness To Fat Back To Fit.......I'm WINNING and so can YOU!

April 2016
2001 at age 37 "Hot"
This was my predicament at least 8 months ago, when I embarked on a no-more excuses program, having been, saddened, and disgusted at how noticeably out of shape I had allowed myself to become in my early 50s. To think that I was the epitome of …no laughing…”of what someone might call “Hot” until my early 40’s .

Men in their fifth decade, who were once sports stars, or athletes in general can relate to my mindset, when I would tell myself over and over again, I’ll start tomorrow, no big deal…I can still do what I use to in order to get back in shape. Boys were we ever wrong.

This type of thinking is played out everyday, in regular individuals who were not athletes, but were once in shape, and now find themselves overweight.

How did I get to this point, how did I ever let myself go? Tired of the self pity, and so was everyone around me. I mean it was bad enough that I would tell myself enough was enough, but to constantly tell my family that tomorrow was the day…. boy did they ever get tired of that saying.

2016 Age 52
Well at the end of the day it was just me, and I had to remind myself just as I did when I was living a competitive lifestyle, that I was a WINNER, no matter the circumstances, and would get through this as a WINNER. I was responsible for creating this miserable feeling which can be exacerbated when people who once knew me before the bulge was quick to inform me that I was carrying a bit of extra luggage about the belly.

Many of us fall and stumble down this rode, when our partying and eating anything and everything is no longer balanced by our youthful metabolic rate and regular exercise.

At this age, and with a hectic schedule, having a six-pack was no longer at the top of my to do list.

The trigger for my wanting to regain control of my body, and shape it to something resembling normalcy, was after a promise to my father before he passed at 82.  My father was the epitome of in shape at his age, and I remember vividly, when he said son, you are getting big, you need to lose that weight, so that you can live to see your kids grow old, and give you grandchildren just as I have.

That conversation was the "WHY", that drove me to get up and get moving. Today I find myself not only enjoying a healthier lifestyle again, but sharing with others who are in the same situation as I once was.

Dwight Obey, Independent AdvoCare Distributor