Thursday, July 19, 2018

Why I Take AdvoCare MNS 3

Let me start by saying this first....most people do not eat a healthy balanced diet to provide them with all of the vitamins their bodies require and this has led to more and more people taking a  Multi vitamin supplement to supplement what they are deficient in. Multi Vitamins are available in a number of different forms, including tablets, gel capsules and even liquids.

One of the most obvious benefits to taking a multi vitamin supplement is the convenience. It is much easier for a person to take one dose of a multi vitamin supplement which contains all of the body's needed vitamins compared to taking each one individually. This is especially true in the case of small  children as it can be difficult for them to take a large number of vitamin supplements , whereas one dose of a multi vitamin supplement is far easier on the child, as well as the parent.

However, for most, a liquid multi vitamin supplement is the most suitable form for children, but this form can also benefit anyone who has difficulty swallowing, or taking supplements in traditional tablet form.

The increase in the availability of multi vitamin supplements has led to a great variety in the brands and also the actual content of the multi vitamin supplements. The names of some of the nutrients in these multi vitamin supplements can be a little bewildering and many people simply do not know which ones they require.

To make the decision simpler there are now a number of multi vitamin supplements created for specific people. For example, there are multi vitamin supplements that are designed for children. These multi vitamin supplements contain the specific nutrients that children need for them to grow and develop properly.

Pregnant women have unique nutrient requirements to ensure that their baby receives the necessary nutrients and there are multi vitamin supplements prepared just for pregnant women. As we get older we also have different nutrient requirements and multi vitamin supplements for the elderly are a popular product as well.

It is important to consider the contents of any multi vitamin supplement before consuming too many. There are some vitamins that can be toxic if too much is absorbed and this can occur more easily with multi vitamin supplements as some of the content may be overlooked.

The labelling of the actual percentage of the recommended daily allowance for each vitamin in a multi vitamin supplement should be clearly labelled and must be assessed before a person takes them.

Why I take AdvoCare MNS 3

I personally utilize a Multinutrient Dietary Supplement called MNS 3, which is made by AdvoCare.

MNS 3 is one of their most comprehensive multinutrient dietary supplement systems, and focuses on energy, wellness and appetite control.*  Not only will you benefit from appetite control and enhanced energy but it also may provide you with one, or more of the following below:

  • Provides a comprehensive system for general health and weight management*
  • Supports advanced core nutrition, energy and wellness*
  • Offers excellent nutritional support for bones and connective tissue*
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is being provided by an Independent AdvoCare Distributor, and is for information purposes only. Their opinions do not reflect those of AdvoCare, or any employee, thereof. 

Always seek professional medical advice before taking any multi vitamin supplement if there is any doubt as to the benefits of the contents.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Opportunity Announcement: Canada Get Ready To Meet AdvoCare!

Canada, Are You Ready!!!

We, at 1st N Weight Loss  (Dwight Obey, Independent AdvoCare Distributor, and 1st N Weight Loss Founder) are super, duper exited about the AdvoCare  announcement, stating "they will officially open for business in Canada in the fall of 2018!"

For over 25 years, AdvoCare Distributors have built champions across the United States with the incredible products and best-in-class business opportunity that AdvoCare offers – now AdvoCare will be opening their doors to Canada!

About AdvoCare

They Build Champions through physical and financial wellness, which is backed by the latest science, and provides innovative nutritional, weight-management and sports performance products. 

AdvoCare offers a business opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing extra income, as well. If interested, please click on the link below to be added to the waiting list, and receive information on how you can start your own AdvoCare business in Canada. 

If asked and you are in need of a sponsor, please add Dwight Obey, and I will be glad to help you get off to a tremendous start with a GREAT opportunity!

If you live in Canada, and would like to sign up as a preferred customer today, and receive an immediate 20% discount, not only on your initial order, but any order you place for an entire year, please go HERE

$19.95 CAD/year 

Chez AdvoCare, nous façonnons des Championsmd par l’entremise du bien-être, qu’il soit physique ou financier. Grâce aux récentes découvertes de la science, AdvoCare fournit des produits innovants en matière de nutrition, gestion du poids et performance sportive. AdvoCare offre une occasion d’affaire pour les personnes intéressées à augmenter leurs revenus.

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

What Is AdvoCare Rehydrate

Rehydrate helps you replace all of your minerals and electrolytes lost through sweat, while supporting recovery after a workout, by utilizing vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, sustamine and a blend of important electrolytes.

Rehydrate provides your body with the nutrients to help maintain proper metabolism, while delaying the onset of fatigue. Rehydrate also, hydrates your body by re-establishing your electrolyte balance. 

Did You Know?

Rehydrate has a 1:1 ratio of sodium and potassium, two of the most vital electrolytes lost when we sweat. Overall, Rehydrate includes antioxidants (vitamins A and C), carbohydrates, electrolytes, sustamine and other nutrients that effectively promote optimal hydration and recovery. 

So whether you are working out, or climbing the Mayan ruins in Central America, Rehydrate should be the drink of choice, when looking to replace those lost electrolytes!

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Dirty Truth On How To Get Ripped!

Summer is HERE, and the time has come to kick back and relax under the sun. It's time for the beach days, barbecues, pool parties, and for any serious gym goer these activities also mean one thing: it's time for the shirts to come off and to showcase that rock-solid physique they've been working on all year. No one wants to be walking around with a soft, smooth and flabby body, and for the next month or two, all of those serious lifters will be shifting into get ripped mode baby!

For many of us we want to know how do they usually go about this?

ANSWER: They lighten up the weights and perform higher reps. 

This has always been a widely accepted method of cutting down and if you ask most trainers in the gym they will tell you that heavy weights bulk up the muscle and lighter weights define the muscles.

Do you want to know the reality behind the light weight and high reps method of obtaining a ripped and defined physique?

It is completely, totally and utterly DEAD WRONG.

It couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, there is no logical basis for this way of training whatsoever, and whoever dreamt up this downright ridiculous way of thinking has caused the vast majority of lifters to waste their time and impede their progress in the gym.

Let me clear this up once and for all: you CANNOT spot reduce. In other words, it is physically impossible to target fat loss from a specific area on your body. Performing bench presses with light resistance and high repetitions will not magically burn fat off of your chest or cause it to appear harder and more defined.

Every single time you wrap your hands around a barbell, dumbbell or cable, your goal is to stimulate as much muscle growth as you possibly can. There are no special, secret weightlifting exercises that will define your muscles or cause them to become more ripped.

Training with weights builds muscle mass, end of story!

So how exactly do you define a muscle?

The only way to define a muscle is by lowering your body fat level in order to make your muscles more visible. Body fat reduction can be achieved in two ways:

1) Modify your diet.

You should lower your overall caloric intake to around 15x your bodyweight and focus on consuming smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. This will keep your metabolism naturally raised at all times and will keep your body in a constant fat burning state. Limit your intake of saturated fats and simple sugars, and focus instead on consuming lean sources of protein and low glycemic carbohydrates. It is also very important to keep your water intake high at a level of around 0.6 ounces per pound of bodyweight.

2) Perform proper cardio workouts.

Let go of the traditional method of moderate intensity cardio in 30-45 minute durations. If you want to maximize your body fat burning capacity and also minimize the muscle loss that inevitably accompanies a fat burning cycle, focus on shorter cardio workouts performed at a high level of intensity. These types of workouts will shoot your resting metabolism through the roof and will allow you to burn maximum amounts of fat even when you are at rest. I recommend 3-5 high intensity cardio sessions per week, spaced at least 8 hours away from your weight workouts.

That's all there is to it, folks. Take the notion of light weight and higher reps and throw it right out the window, down the street and around the corner. Following this misguided method will only cause you to lose muscle mass and strength, and will not assist you in burning fat or defining your physique.

All you need to do to mold those rock-solid muscles for the summer time is this:

1) Train with heavy weights and low repetitions to build maximum muscle mass.

2) Modify your diet and implement cardio workouts to eliminate body fat and create visibly harder and more defined muscles.

End of story.

I'll see you at the beach!

Coach "O"

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Reduce Your Cortisol To Lose Weight

It is now known that stress can actually cause you to stop losing weight especially around your middle section.  Stress can cause your body to secrete high levels of a hormone known as cortisol into your bloodstream, because of your body's "flight or fight" response to stress.  Stress can be either psychological (mental and emotional) or physical.

Cortisol is secreted by the adrenal glands and is actually important for the regulation of blood pressure, the immune system and many other functions.  Cortisol can be good in small amounts but high levels can lead to an increase of abdominal fat, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes and can also increase your bad cholesterol levels and decrease your good cholesterol levels.

High levels of cortisol may also decrease your bone density, leading to osteoporosis and loss of muscle tissue, which will also slow down your metabolic rate, and increase your blood pressure along with giving you other problems.

Each of us reacts differently to stress; some of us will produce more cortisol, due to a particular stress while others will produce less.  It has been found that those of you that produce more cortisol will actually eat more food as well, in particular carbohydrates.

To combat producing too much cortisol, learn ways to relax and change your lifestyle. A good way to do this is through relaxation, which can be achieved in a number of ways either by exercising, mediation, yoga or breathing.

One of the easiest and simplest ways is breathing.  This is done by gently breathing in through the nose, while expanding your abdomen and then gently expelling the air through your nose, while pulling in your abdomen at the same time. After several breaths in and out you should start to feel yourself relax.  You need to practice doing this exercise a few minutes a day to start with, while building up to five minutes in the end.  You can also practice this when you are feeling stressed or when things are getting the best of you.  Just a few minutes can slow your body down and help it to feel relax.

Life style changes can be like changing your eating habits for a healthier diet, getting enough sleep, or even organizing your time more efficiently so that you do not feel so stressed.  Also looking after your body will help your body to cope with stresses that you come across during your day.

So if you are exercising frequently and eating properly but still not losing any weight especially from around the middle then maybe you are suffering from high levels of cortisol caused by stress.  If this is the case, try looking at ways to solve the problem and hopefully you will see a difference in your weight and around your middle.

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This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

How One Mom Got Her Beach Body Back With 1st N Weight Loss!

Joy Obey - Guest Blogger
I love reading everyone’s success stories of how they started with AdvoCare, whether as a customer or a distributor.
Dealing with the weight left behind from having four adorable kiddos, and the most recent being born in 2014, I knew deep inside I wanted my body back, but just did not have the time or motivation. 
My husband was an AdvoCare  distributor at the time, and invited me to one of his challenge groups, and to try the products. After several months,  I finally gave in to his persistence. 
My husband had bought AdvoCare some years ago, and signed up as a distributor for the 20% discount… and to learn more about maybe starting a business in the future.
Yes. getting back into a routine was TOUGH I mean real TOUGH. I felt like I was going to die every challenge. I was so out of shape. I started and stopped. Then I started again and…. again.
Bike Cardio
The next time around I had more than good intentions. I had a solid plan, a deadline, and consistency (even though I mixed in body pump  and the treadmill with no guilt) and this time taking my AdvoCare products as instructed (which is key to achieving good results with AdvoCare products)…I had good results!
This time my husband was right! AdvoCare was legit! I told everyone and their mama about AdvoCare and how it worked well for me during my weight loss journey to get back my beach body. 
I started to research a little bit on my own about the AdvoCare products, and its business opportunity to learn why my husband was head over heels about this company, and realized that AdvoCare was a really amazing company to be a part of. They’re big into family, helping others, and personal development which is right up my alley. 
Since the AdvoCare products helped me get such great results after baby #4, I constantly order AdvoCare Slim, and AdvoCare Fiber to help control my hunger,  and they don'’t disappoint. 
I have been able to fit in my 60 minute daily workouts around being a middle school counselor, a mom of four kids, with the youngest 3 years old, and helping my husband run his life coaching / blogging, and AdvoCare business.
I've recently made some major changes in life, including building a vacation home in Belize, Central America. Another big change is that I am now working beside my husband, with our Advocare business. 
New Vacation Home - Rancho Dolores, Belize -CA
My husband was big on me  finding my “why”….meaning your deep reason for doing what you’re doing. Being able to spend that extra quality time with my four kids, and create those special memories are important to me, being their primary caregiver on a day to day basis is OUR why. 
Being healthy for them so we can truly be there for them, intentionally and fully, each and every day is OUR why. 
Now, here I am, with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement about teaming with my husband in business and the personal physical transformation I’m embarking on, and more importantly about the opportunity to help others. 
This opportunity allows me to help people live healthier, happier lives, and gives me a sense of fulfillment.
Having built our business, on faith, with a Christian foundation of integrity, and caring I am excited to share with people not just about AdvoCare products, but the business opportunity that has proven to be so life changing for so many individuals.

Written by,
Joy Obey - Guest Blogger

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Natural Ways To Detox For Your Summer Cleanse

Setting up a cleansing or detox program is not an easy task. I have suggested a few helpful ways to assist in determining the appropriate natural ways that you can take to clean up your body.

Take note, analyzing your present health status, diseases, and symptoms as a result of your lifestyle, familial or inherent patterns, and diets can help in creating a body detox plan that is best suited for you. Remember, any cleansing, or weight loss goal needs a plan that must be followed accordingly to achieve positive results.

1. Proper Diet. People who are lacking energy and nutrients need a diet which is high in protein and nutrients for improving their health. Mineral deficiencies, fatigue, and low functions of organs should have a much supportive diet. However, in this particular circumstance, short cleaning of the body for three days can help in eliminating those unwanted toxins.

2. Using Natural Herbs. There are different body organs which are prone to the high development of toxins. One of them is your colon. Keep in mind that large intestines can accommodate much toxicity which can result to its sluggish functioning. A natural cleanse, may solve this problem.

Fiber supplements are good for cleansing the colon when incorporated into your regimen. This can include herbal laxatives like psyllium seed husk used alone or combined with agents such as betonite clay, acidophilus culture, and Aloe Vera powder. Enemas using herbs, diluted coffee, or water can be used for cleaning your liver, another important organ of your body.

3. Regular exercise. Exercise stimulates sweating thus eliminating toxic wastes through your skin. It improves general metabolism and aids in your overall detoxification. Aerobic exercise done regularly can assist your body in staying non-toxic. However, exercising can also increase toxic productions in your body so it must always be accompanied with antioxidants, adequate fluids, mineral, vitamins and other replenishments.

4. Regular bathing.  It is very important that you clean your skin from toxins, it has accumulated as well. Saunas are often used in purifying your body via a more enhanced form of skin elimination. Dry brushing your skin using the right skin brush is often suggested before bathing.

5. Massage therapy. Is very useful in supporting detox programs. It stimulates body functions and elimination of toxins, by promoting a more relaxed feeling. Clearing you from worries, tensions, and mental stresses.

6. Recharging, relaxing, and resting. This is important in the rejuvenation process. It helps your body in rebalancing your attitude and mind which sometimes interferes with your natural homeostasis. Practicing yoga is a powerful exercise related to breathing regulation and awareness helping you to obtain a more balanced and active aura.

Choosing the right method to incorporate in the cleansing of your body from toxins can make you feel much better and healthier.

Recommended AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse: The AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse System can help rid your body of waste and absorb nutrients with its unique blend of herbal ingredients.* Using a systematic approach, this 10-day system guides you through the daily steps for internal cleansing and improved digestion.*

  • Each Herbal Cleanse System includes three key products:
  • ProBiotic Restore™ capsules (in the Herbal Cleanse box)
  • Herbal Cleanse tablets (in the Herbal Cleanse box)
  • AdvoCare® Fiber

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This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Healthy Aging Starts With Taking Care Of You!

We all know the aging process is occurring each and everyday in our lives, whether we want it to or not. Stopping the clock is impossible so we all need to stay healthy and take care of ourselves. There is no way you can turn around the process, as we grow older so except it and take care of yourself.

Start working now to take care of yourself as you age. Taking care of yourself now will help slow down those aging diseases. A person can do many things, as they get older to take care of their health.

You can start out by taking your multivitamins and all other prescriptions your health care provider has prescribed to you.

Taking vitamins is as important as anything else you can do. Vitamins will provide your body with repair tools. Vitamins will lessen the dangers and the risk of you getting some of the chronic diseases that you can acquire as you age.

Diet alone doesn't normally give a person all the vitamins that they need. In fact, experts show that millions of people in the world suffer malnutrition despite the fact that they eat three healthy meals per day. 

People are known to eat too much fast food, go on fads or quick weight loss diets that harm the body. This builds stress, which causes the body to lose out on vitamins.

Maybe you're a person who eats processed foods because of your busy life style and there's no time to cook the right meals. You could be one that stops off at a fast food place to eat three or four times a week before going to work or home from work because you are just to tired to fix supper.

Remember eating all that fast food isn't good for the digestive system and all that fat from them fries is not good. Take time to fix a meal and sit down to enjoy it; doing this will cut down on the calorie intake and it helps to relieve stress because you're doing something good for you and your family.

Stop worrying about everyone else; take time out for you. Stress is bad for your heart, which affects your blood pressure, nervous system, and is hard in general on your body.  Stress can cause many things, even causing a person to become obese.

The world is turning at such a fast pace these days that there is never time to take care of us, so start now.

Try doing a little exercise to stay healthy as you age. Every little bit of exercise you do is better than not any at all.  An average person should exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. A person has many options when it comes to exercise.  Walking is a great exercise, since it helps you keep those muscles more flexible and strong.

How happiness makes you live a longer life:

Happiness is another way to stay healthy as you age. If you are not happy find out why and turn it around so you will be. Being happy and being with friends is always a good way to keep the stress away to. Don't let yourself get depressed and down; it will make your aging come sooner than you want and it can cause you to be a very sick person. Depression is a sickness and you want to stay away from all that.

Again, there is no way you can stop from aging so stay in good health and slow it down.  Keep yourself happy, do those exercises and take those vitamins. Staying active helps keeps the stress down, keep you stronger and in the end you'll feel better for doing it.

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This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

How To Lose 5 Pounds

We all know that most diets are not easy to maintain -- for the majority, once you come off the diet, the weight comes right back, along with a tad bit more, and you end up worse off than before. Here are some tips on how to lose 5 pounds. These simple yet sound tips that when followed could easily help you to lose five pounds, or more.

Does any of the following sound like you?

You desperately want to lose weight, and you have tried so many different diets and failed over the years that you've grown discouraged.

For the most part, diets that you may have tried, such as the cabbage soup diet, the Master Cleanser to low-fat diets such as the Atkins Diet, one of two things typically happens:
  • You lose some weight along with becoming stressed, as life becomes an unbearable nightmare of boring food and not enough of it.
  • You don't lose weight because you just cannot stick to that diet.
In either case, you feel bad, and discouraged, thinking that you are a failure. But, take heart, losing weight is possible. In fact, here are five simple yet sound tips that when followed could easily enable you to lose five pounds, as stated earlier.

#1 Cut the Carbs! Cutting down on your carbohydrate intake, particularly white carbs (that is, carbs from white bread, potatoes, etc.) and instead eating more high quality lean proteins (such as chicken and fish) is a great way to drop a few pounds quickly. But don't cut carbs completely! You should still eat fibrous carbs, such as berries, spinach and apples.

#2 Stop Eating Processed Foods! Instead eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Often, people who are used to eating a lot of junk food will discover they can actually eat a higher quantity of delicious fruits, vegetables and whole grains without gaining any weight.

#3 Cut Down on Your Sugar Intake! In particular, watch how many sodas or juice drinks you consume. The sugar in these beverages can add up quickly and these drinks aren't filling. You should also watch out for "fat-free" products. Sugar is often used to replace the flavor that is lost when the fat is removed. You will also want to be careful about how much sugar you add to coffee and tea.

#4 Drink More Water! Water naturally helps to suppress your appetite and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help you lose weight and burn fat. On the other hand, if you don't drink enough water every day, your body may store water and fat that you don't need. To determine how much water you should drink: multiply your bodyweight by .66 to get the required number of ounces per day.

#5 Exercise More Often! The healthiest way to lose weight is to exercise. Someone who increases the amount they exercise, but maintains the same diet and calorie intake, will almost certainly lose weight. Plus, excessive sweating from cardio activity, such as running, walking and using aerobic gym equipment, will help you de-bloat and lose inches and pounds quickly.

But a word of caution, if you have not exercised in a while be sure to check with your physician first and also be sure to start any exercise program slowly.

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This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Monday, May 28, 2018

"I Was That Person"....This Is My AdvoCare Story!

I'm Dwight, and this is my AdvoCare Story!

When speaking of weight loss, or unhealthy eating habits, often times being wrong about something, or knowing the bad habits, or unhealthy choices, that we are making each and everyday are bad for us, is a lot easier to live with, than admitting we are wrong, or admitting there is a problem.

BREAK THROUGH - If we are wrong about something, admit we are wrong. It's ok to be wrong, and not know everything there is about weight loss.

HOUSTON, THERE IS A PROBLEM - If there's a problem, admit it, and move forward, or seek help, or educate yourself on how to solve it.

These were two of the biggest obstacles, in which I personally needed to overcome in order to move forward with my weight loss journey.

Sadly though, I was that person, who said they were never hungry at the party, but would be sneaking food when no one was looking.

I was that person who told their families, that today was the day I'm going to lose weight, and never did. These promises became so annoying, that you find yourself talking to yourself while in a room alone, because everyone else had departed.

I was that person, who stood in the pantry eating chips, and cookies, or anything else I could chug down quickly in the middle of the night, while hoping no one else was awakened by the sounds of the wrappings of the packages being ripped.

I was that person, who said I would count out ten chips to eat, and that would be it, only to return minutes later saying just two more. Returning again, and again saying just a few more, until finally giving in to the temptation and eating the entire bag.

I was that person, who said, "I'm just big boned".

I was that person, who would hide behind bigger clothes.

I was that person, who ordered the double, or triple meat burger, with the large fries, only to down it with a diet coke. The diet coke, was my way of justifying that what I did was ok, and could not be bad, because after all...I had a diet coke also.

I was that person, who did not tuck their shirt into their pants, in order to hide my belly.

I was that person, who would lay in bed at night, and ask myself, how did I get to this point.

I was that person, who no longer wanted to socialize with family, or friends, so I started ignoring them, because of the embarrassment of how I felt about myself.

I was that person, who tried every new fad, or miracle weight loss gimmick which came along that promised a get fixed quick result to my pain.

My introduction to AdvoCare

I honestly think that someone knew I needed an answer, and delivered a prayer.  December of 2016, my wife and in-laws went to a holiday party without me. You see I acted as if I was tired, but the truth of the matter was, I had tipped the scales at about 320 pounds, and did not feel that I was worthy of escorting such a beautiful woman to a party.

In my mind, I could hear someone saying "Why is such a beautiful woman, with such a fat guy".

Later that evening when my wife returned home, she had a gift bag with her, and I asked what was it. She told me it was some weight loss products, or vitamins, and supplements that she won during a prize raffle. Being that guy, I started laughing because of my own insecurities, and trying once again to act as if I was the authority figure on weight loss, because I had failed so many times. I quickly dismissed the products as just like all the others.

The bag sat untouched in the pantry for over four months. Each time that I sneaked into the pantry, it was there in front of me to see.

By March of 2017, my weight was out of control, and during one of the many late night snack binges, I was looking for something to drink, because all of the soda pop was gone. Desperate for something other than water, to wash down the cookies I was eating at the time, I grabbed the canister of AdvoCare Spark, and sat at the table, and started reading the labels. It was the cherry flavored, and I thought well, it cant really be bad. So before you could blink and eye, I opened the canister and that fresh smell of sweetness that rushed from the opening of the can reminded me of kool-aid as a the next thing you know I was drinking it.

True story, but may seem funny....I said to myself there is no-way this Spark drink can actually taste this good, but it did. I was like a happy ant that had just found its next piece of tasty, that was left behind.

It was that drink of Spark, which got me even more curious, so for the next several months I read all I could read about AdvoCare and it's products, both the negative and positive.

In April of 2017, at the age of 52,  I decided to do what was known as the 24 day challenge (which is currently the AdvoCare 24-Day Jump start, that is now part of of the AdvoCare ONE/80™, a 3-part system designed to fuel your transformation and develop lifelong healthy habits).  I was still skeptical, but after my research, I decided that I really needed to lose the weight, and lose it for good, so I placed my first order.

I ended my 24 day challenge, with a loss of 17 pounds, and a year later Ive gone on to Lose over 30 pounds while utilizing AdvoCare products, and following its recommended usage. During the initial phase of my weight loss journey, I focused on eating cleaner while using  AdvoCare products, and incorporating cardio back into my life. Today, I now include weight training into my daily routine as well.

I believe wholeheartedly in the AdvoCare products, as well as the company and everything it represents. Since then Iv'e also joined AdvoCare as an Independent Distributor, to help share the products, and  be the missing link in someone else's search to answer their weight loss woes, just as AdvoCare was for me.

During my research on AdvoCare, I also stumbled across two quotes that helped me along the way, they were spot on during my quest, and still holds true today for me.

Either you will or you won’t.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”
— Bruce Lee
It’s up to you.

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.”
- Unknown  

This battle is not over, however its one that Im now in control of, but will deal with everyday of my life . But thanks to AdvoCare, Im better armed than ever before to wage battle against my personal weight issues.

The results achieved by me may not be the same for you. There are a number of different circumstances that may differ between each individual when utilizing the products, which may cause a difference in each person results, such as diet, exercise, and ones ability to follow the recommended usage of the products.

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Starting A Fitness Program After 50

I myself, like most people use to believe, as we age our beliefs about ourselves change, and one of those beliefs is about our ability to lead an active lifestyle. Many older people believe that they can no longer exercise like they used to when they were young. In many cases this may be true. However, studies show that it is never too late to start exercising.

Nobody is too old to begin exercising. But it is important to start slow and work your way up. Once you have established an exercise routine you'll likely find that you can be healthier, more active, and feel better than you did and even in your younger years.
From your left, me Dwight in my 40's, and far right me today at 53. Feeling and looking much better!
(These are my results from using AdvoCare Products, results will vary depending on each individual, and other factors)
Before you start an exercise program you should have a medical checkup. Check with your doctor to see what kind of exercises he/she recommends. You aren't likely to find that your doctor will disagree that exercise will be a positive thing even into old age.

At the beginning your exercise program you should include moderate levels of activity, and you should not start out with marathon exercise sessions. A good short 15 minute walk is an example of a moderate form of exercise that can yield great benefits. You may want to start with just 10 minutes. Or you may find it you can only walk for five to 10 minutes before taking a rest.

The important thing is to keep setting goals and moving ahead. So if you start with 10 minute walks gradually increase that time to 15 minutes and then to 20 minutes. Don't try to prove to yourself how much you can do in your first session. It is far better to build yourself up and increase your activity level each day as your body begins to feel more comfortable with the tasks you are putting it through.

A good goal is 30 minutes of modest exercise each day. Ideally, this would include a combination of stretching each day and alternating aerobics and weight training. But this isn't where you have to start. Especially if you have not been active for many years it could take weeks or even months before you're comfortable with a 30 minute walk.

There are many changes in our bodies as we age. Aging causes muscles to deteriorate along with our lung capacity. The rate of our metabolism and our flexibility decreases with age. There are also higher risks of medical problems such as osteoporosis.

It is estimated that regular exercise can prevent over half of the potential physical declines associated with aging. Physical activity slows down the aging process while increasing your energy, your stamina, and your mental health.

Improvements in strength, muscle tone and appearance are obvious benefits of exercise. But regular exercise will also increase the efficiency of your lungs and your heart warding off potential problems. It is essential to keep your ligaments from becoming too stiff as you age as this will result in less flexibility and reduced range of movement.

An active person will receive benefits such as decreased blood pressure and a decreased heart rate. Improvements in self-image, confidence and reduced levels of stress are other benefits.

When you are considering a course of exercise activity it is important to examine several categories. These categories are aerobic training, weight training and flexibility.

In the beginning it is essential to increase your flexibility as much as possible. For people who have not exercised in a long time increasing flexibility should be the starting point and should precede other activities. Tight muscles can lead to injuries.

Once you have spent several weeks improving your flexibility it is time to move to aerobic activities. Walking as previously mentioned is a great way to start. Another great activity is water aerobics. If you have access to a pool, this is a great way to get aerobic exercise without causing pain or stress to the joints.

Weight training should generally come after you have learned to increase your flexibility and developed a program of regular aerobic exercise. There are many options for weight training that do not require you to join a gym. Many exercises such as push ups, or even push ups starting from the knees can help to build muscle strength.

While many people feel that exercise is something that is more difficult for them to do as they age it is just as important, if not more important to exercise in the latter portions of our lives.

Make it Happen!

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This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment. Results may vary by each individual while working out, or utilizing any of the products mentioned in this article.

Monday, May 14, 2018

How To Diet For Success

For many of us dieting is far too often approached from the mindset of impending failure. Too many people have tried and failed so many diets in their past that they try the next new diet with the absolute knowledge that they will fail in this attempt as well. Guess what? They will.

Henry Ford once said, "If you think you can or think you can't you will always be right." If you think you are going to fail at the next diet you are dooming yourself to failure before you even deprive yourself of the first bite. Think about that before you begin because only a true masochist could find pleasure in perpetuating this vicious cycle without ever stopping to wonder why none of the other diets have worked for you. Henry Ford also said, "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently". In case you were wondering I would say his words are quite profound. Seriously though, if you do not examine the reasons for your failures you are certainly dooming yourself to repeat them and if you are already planning to fail why on earth would you even try?

You are the only person who can take control of your need to eat. You are the only one who can pay attention and notice when you are eating for emotional fulfillment and when you are eating from necessity. You and you alone can get yourself out of your chair and on your feet. You are the only one that can take the responsibility for the condition in which you find yourself. There are medical exceptions but even in these situations if you are trying diet after diet and failing over and over again then you must at some point in time realize that it is quite likely not the diets that aren't working.

We must all be accountable for our successes and failures in life. It is no different when it comes to dieting. There are few better feelings in the world than for someone to notice and compliment your efforts. If you are very obese unfortunately, it may take a little more time for people to actually notice the weight you've lost. Too many men and women give up simply because no one noticed and that is an incredible shame. Give your dieting practices an opportunity to work before you decide they are a failure and you just might surprise yourself with a roaring success.

The truth is far too few people hold themselves accountable to their dieting and weight loss goals. This means that far too many people are giving up without really ever bothering to give it an effort. If you have an issue holding yourself accountable to your dieting plans, perhaps you would do well to diet with a partner. This helps you not only set goals but also to meet and exceed challenges along the way. A partner can also benefit from the partnership as he or she will be challenged and feel the need to perform better than if he or she were dieting alone.

You must hold yourself accountable to your stated dieting and weight loss goals in order to achieve any lasting results. If you have not had dieting success in the past, then perhaps it is time to bring some degree of accountability into the picture and make it happen.

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment. Results may vary by each individual while working out, or utilizing any of the products mentioned in this article.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tips To Change Your Family Lifestyle, So All Can Become Fit, And Healthy

It's no secret that many parents and their children are overweight. These 10 simple tips can help you change your family's lifestyle so that you all can become fit and healthy.

1) Eat Whole Grain Foods

Processed and refined grains, such as white bread, white rice, cereal, pasta, and other foods made with white flour have a high glycemic index, low amounts of fiber, and less vitamins and minerals as foods made with whole grains.

Making the switch to whole grain foods, including whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta, brown rice, and cereals made with whole grains, are an easy and healthy way to make your family's diet more nutritious.

2) Limit Soda and Fruit Drinks

Soda and fruit drinks have low nutritional value and a lot of calories. At about 150 calories per 12 ounce serving, your kids will gain an extra pound about every 3 weeks if they drink just one can of soda each day.

Cutting back or eliminating soda, fruit drinks, and even fruit juice, can be a good way to get rid of a lot of extra calories and leave room for your kids to eat more nutritious foods.

3) Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Most children don't eat enough fruits and vegetables and that usually means that they are eating other less nutritious foods. With a high fiber content and lots of vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. And because they have lots of water in them, eating fruits and vegetables can help you to feel full and satisfied so that you don't overeat.

4) Eat More Foods with Calcium

A common mistake people make when trying to lose weight is that they stop drinking milk, eating cheese and yogurt. Calcium is important to build healthy bones and to help you lose weight. You should encourage your kids to drink low-fat milk, eat portioned amounts of cheese and yogurt to help lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

5) Be More Active

Everyone knows that part of the cause of the current obesity epidemic is that people are much less active then they used to be. Getting kids involved in organized activities, which can be either team or individual sports, and cutting back on the amount of time in front of the TV, computer and playing video games will burn calories and improve fitness levels.

Family activities are also a good way to be more physically active. Even simple things, like walking across a parking lot, using stairs, and going for short family walks or bike rides, can make a big difference.

6) Know Where Calories Come From

While you don't necessarily need to do daily calorie counts, keep a diary of what your family eats for a few days can help you see where extra calories are coming from. Are your kids overweight because of the calories they get from a bedtime snack or those two glasses of Kool Aid or soda he drinks? Or maybe because his portion sizes are too large?

If you know where your kids' calories are coming from, you will know where to make changes and how you can cut back, especially on foods that have a lot of empty calories.

7) Learn About Carbs

Carbs get a bad wrap, especially with all of the proponents of high protein diets, like the Atkins and South Beach Diet. Not all carbs are created equal. While it is a good idea to avoid foods that have refined such as white bread, foods made with white flour, and foods and beverages sweetened with sugar, other carbs should be part of a balanced diet.

Instead of avoiding all carbs, just learn about how to choose foods with good carbohydrates, which includes fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grain foods.

8) Learn About Fats

Like carbs, there are good and bad fats. Instead of making the mistake of trying to stick to a low fat diet, and simply substituting other foods that are often just as high in calories, you should eat foods that have good fat in them. This includes foods with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. On the other hand, you should avoid saturated fats and trans fats.

9) Choose Healthy Meals when Eating Out

Even if your family eats healthy at home, if you eat super-sized fast food meals a few times a week, they are probably still at risk for becoming overweight. If you eat out a lot, review the nutritional facts of the restaurant's menu and watch your portion sizes. Calories and fat quickly adds up when eating out!

10) Stay Motivated, And Make It Happen!

Most people know what they need to do to be healthier however, eating healthy and exercising is not easy.   Education about the specifics of a healthy diet, getting the whole family involved, and setting goals, can help your family stay healthy and fit.  Hire a personal trainer or seek the counsel of a dietitian to keep you on the healthy track.

Now is the time to Make It Happen!

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his article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment. Results may vary by each individual while working out, or utilizing any of the products mentioned in this article.


From the 1st N weight Loss Team, we wish each and every mother, a Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

All About Yoga


There are a lot of people who are just crazy about yoga. The reason why most people do yoga is that it makes them feel better and gets them in shape. The different poses and postures helps to make their body healthy. Yoga for most people is a great way to relax and unwind. If you want to keep your body in shape, this could be one of the best exercises for you.

Did you know that yoga is good for fighting certain illness that may come your way? There have been researchers who have proved that yoga helps to control anxiety, reduces asthma, arthritis, blood pressure, back pain, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, diabetes, headaches, stress and many more.

Yoga has a lot of benefits and advantages. All in a day's work, it can help with the reduction of tension and stress.

Doing yoga, can help boost your self esteem higher, helping you to gain more confidence inside and out so that you are able to face the day, as well as others with no worries.

Yoga is good for the body when trying to increase your muscle tone, strength, stamina and flexibility.
If you are overweight and a little conscious about your body figure, yoga can help you lower your weight and keep your body in shape. Yoga exercises can burn excess fat and help in giving you the desired look that you want. 1st N Weight Loss

Yoga helps with allowing you to relax, by improving your concentration, while enhancing your creativity. Yoga helps you to think more positive, while freeing yourself of any anxieties. If you have a fresh mind, you can think of good things and apply it easily.

Your body needs to relax once in a while. Sometimes, work can leave us wasted and exhausted. During the heavy days, we may not find time to unwind because work is still on our minds. Yoga can help you create a sense of calmness and well being, assisting you in relaxing after a rough day.

Yoga can helps improve your circulation as well, allowing your organs and veins to exercise so they function properly.

Yoga also stimulates your immune system and can help you fight off diseases. Having a good immune system, can assist you in being illness free.

Some people do yoga to be enlightened. They believe that yoga will help them bring up their spirit and keep them relieved. Yoga works differently for people, whether its spiritual, emotional, psychological, mental or physical.

People think that yoga is only for those who are spiritual minded, but that belief is wrong. Even if you are not that religious, you can do yoga. You will see and feel the difference, and at the same time you will discover if its for you.

The everyday pressure and demands of life, can cause us to  stress out and we forget about the beauty of life, and all that it offers, such as losing touch with the ones we used to spend time with, or even ourselves.

We find ourselves rushing most of the time with the deadlines and hassles we need to keep up with. This leaves us with . very little time to wander, or have have that physical awareness.

These are just a few things that yoga can provide

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

How To Keep Your Body In Shape With Proper Eating

If You.....

If you are one of the millions, who are always feeling sluggish, or you think you're always full because your food has settled in your stomach, undigested.

If you think you're fat and need to lose weight, or if you think that you've ingested more than the allowed preservatives and additives into your body and your liver ís starting to show symptoms of abuse, then it's time for you to go on a Detox program.

Detox or detoxification is the process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins from the body. Detox plans may come in different forms other than regular exercise, body scrubs, spa massages, or yoga and meditation, the most common way to detox your body perhaps is to go on a detox diet.

A detox diet is a program that minimizes the chemicals ingested into the body. It highlights food like vitamins and antioxidants that the body needs for detoxification. It also involves taking in of food that will aid in the elimination of toxins like high fiber food and water.

It generally suggests a high intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and lots of fluids, while cutting down on caffeine, alcohol, yeast and sugars.

So why a detox diet? If you're a regular fast food chain eater, you've probably ingested many fat-soluble chemicals contained in the French fries, cheeseburgers, twisters and soft drinks you've consumed. An overload of these chemicals in the body can lead to illness and conditions like liver malfunction, kidney problems, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and inefficient metabolism.

Some of the most common symptoms of these illnesses are the usual fatigue, poor skin and low tolerance to pain.

By going on a detox diet, people should improve their energy, have clearer and fairer skin, a regular bowel movement,  an improved metabolism and digestion, as well as increased concentration.

Generally, a good detox equals a greater all around wellness and a better well-being.

A word of caution though, before anyone is allowed to take on a detox diet, pregnant women or those who are nursing are cautioned not to go on such plans as they need the necessary nutrient for nursing.

Also unless recommended by a doctor, people with anemia, eating disorders, heart disease, low immunity, low blood pressure, ulcers, cancer, or who are underweight, suffering from alcohol, and drug dependency should not try a detox diet.

Furthermore, such detox diet programs should be properly planned with your doctor and a nutritionist.

Other Things You Need to Know

Some side effects may occur within the first few days of starting a detox diet. There is the likelihood of headaches and a general feeling of weakness as the body is adjusting to the change in food intake.

So it is recommended to start your diet plan gradually or on Fridays when you won't be doing much physical activity or requiring much energy. Others may experience diarrhea as the body eliminates the toxins, so take care not to be dehydrated, and drink plenty of water.

Take note that detox programs should not be done for a long time. They are normally recommended to be done at least one to two times a year, and should be done during the warm months.

If you're thinking of getting started, make sure you consult a doctor or a nutritionist. Read up on detox diets and seek advice from the experts. Remember: Too much is bad. After all, you're doing it to improve your health, not ruin it!

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This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment. Results may vary by each individual while working out, or utilizing any of the products mentioned in this article.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Spring Is Here...Start Your Spring Body Transformation TODAY!

Hey friends, in case you missed our New Years 24-Day Jumpstart Body Transformation, or the 21-Day Couch Potato Challenge, here's your chance to get in on our "Spring BodyTransformation". Stop standing on the side lines, you have nothing to lose but pounds!


To start your transformation, utilizing some of our recommended supplements, go to our secure site by clicking HERE NOW.  

Do you or someone you know spend very little time exercising, and a lot more time on the couch sleeping, or watching television? If the answer is yes, then this challenge is for you.

No more fake promises, no more lying to yourself, no more alienating family, and friends, no more giving up, or quitting......your belief, and TRUST in yourself that you can accomplish anything, will be taken to a new level at the completion of your 21-Days. 

More importantly, you will be able to help, and inspire others, with the new found you.

What is it about walking to lose weight that makes it a resounding success, for so many people when trying to lose weight fast? Could it be, that it does not require much effort, other than putting one foot in front of the other? Or could it be that its something so simple, that any of us should be able to do it?

By committing yourself to the Spring Body Transformation you can increase your chances of walking off the pounds, to include helping reduce your risk of high blood pressure, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and any other illness you may be a candidate for, due to your inactivity.

What is the "Spring Body Transformation"

Its a walking challenge started by Me (Dwight Obey), I became a couch potato after retiring from military service, at which time shortly afterwards, I sat and watched as my weight  ballooned to over 315 pounds. 

Tired of lying to myself, family, and friends who were all concerned by my rapid weight gain, I continued to make a new start date to begin my weight loss journey, hoping that it would ease their worries.

As each start date, came and passed, I made another, and another, and another promise, until eventually I started to alienate those who were close to me (FAMILY/FRIENDS), with my false promises to get back in shape. 

It was only then, that  my dream of slimming down became serious.

I went on to term the challenge which was created specifically for me to use as a starting point for my weight loss journey, the "Couch Potato 21-Day Walking Challenge".

What are the cost for the Spring Body Transformation?

There is no exspensive gym membership required (but you may use at your own cost) or any expensive tracking device. The only thing needed is a place to walk, whether it's outside, or inside your home which is my personal preferred place for the challenge, and a way to track your time. 

If outside, ensure you have a good pair of sneakers to support your feet, if inside you can wear sneakers or simply walk barefoot in place on a floor mat or carpet as I often do.

The challenge will be something thats easily manageable, and one that you will be able to build on as you progress each week. You will manage your distance, and steps at a pace thats comfortable for you. 

What is expected during the challenge?

Your goal is to walk at least 20 minutes a day each week, ultimately building up to 60 minutes a day. If you are not able to get the full recommended minutes in one session during the day, they may be broken down into smaller segments. The goal is to reach the recommended amount of walking time (MINUTES) for each day. By simply getting up, and moving. 

Your challenge (Simple right?).
  • Day 1 thru 7 Walk, or Walk in place for 20 minutes each day
  • Day 8 thru 14 Walk, or Walk in place for 40 minutes each day
  • Day 15 thru 21 Walk, or Walk in place for 60 minutes each day
This simple and easy to do challenge, is designed to get those who have been inactive, or those who are just embarking on a new weight loss journey to develop a daily habit of moving and exercise. At the end of each cycle of 21 days, and healthy eating, try taking two days off, and repeating the challenge, if you would like to lose even more weight, but this time you will add an additional 20 minutes to each week. Please see below.

2nd Half (After 2-days of rest-repeat and add an additional 20-minutes per week)....If you have made it this far"CONGRATS".
  • Day 1 thru 7 Walk, or Walk in place for 40 minutes each day
  • Day 8 thru 14 Walk, or Walk in place for 60 minutes each day
  • Day 15 thru 21 Walk, or Walk in place for 80 minutes each day
KEY TO SUCCESS: Remember your individual results will vary depending on your willingness to get up and move, while following a calorie restricted diet.

Note: To help calculate how many calories it is recommended an individual should consume daily, (based on weight, height, and whether you are a male, or female) along with other tips, please visit HealthLine: click here

My results after completing the "Couch Potato"walking challenge, while following a healthy calorie restricted diet, and utilizing AdvoCare Products, which provides innovative nutritional, weight- management and sports performance products.

Dwight is an Independent AdvoCare Distributor. There is no requirement to purchase AdvoCare products, to participate in the Spring Break Body Transformation

Dwight - Feeling/Looking GREAT!

To start your transformation , go to our secure site by clicking HERE NOW.  

How do you know if the site is safe? Once at the site, look for my name, and/or photo throughout your purchase process. Prior to purchasing it will have you identify my name again. That's it!

What if I don't start now? Can I start at another time?

Yes the, simplicity of the challenge allows you to start at any time, for a 21-day period, thats convenient for you.

So are you ready? Let's get ready to walk.....see you at the finish line!

NOTE: Be sure to share and invite your friends and family along to join you during the challenge for accountability, and motivation. Its a great way to spend time with family or friends, while improving your health.

Prior to beginning any physical fitness activities, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only, and is not a guarantee that you will be successful following this routine. Results vary by each individual, depending on their effort, and following a strict low calorie diet, throughout the 21-days