Friday, December 30, 2016

Diet vs Exercise

Dwight Obey, MBA, MSAJS
Mixing a good healthy diet with a regular exercise routine is a more efficient way to lose weight than relying strictly on a calorie limitation regimen. Exercise can stop or even reverse the outcomes of certain diseases.  For starters regular exercise can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, which could prevent a heart attack.
Exercising has also been known to lower your risk of developing certain types of cancers such as colon and breast cancer. It can contribute to a sense of confidence and well-being, which in turn can possibly reduce anxiety and depression.
When speaking of weight loss and maintaining weight loss.  Exercise can help increase your metabolism, or the number of calories you burn in a day, while helping to maintain and increase lean body mass.
Remember before embarking on a new weight loss, or exercise routine, please be sure to consult your physician.
Dwight Obey, Independent AdvoCare Distributor