Sunday, July 22, 2018

Parents Beat The Back To School Anxiety!

Obey Kids
It's almost that time of the year, and like most parents my wife Joy, and I, along with the Obey kids experience our share of stress, and anxiety leading up to the first day of school.

This year, we are adding to our normal 1st of August routine of getting the kiddos adjusted to going to bed earlier, a parents and kiddos walk around the neighborhood family challenge.

During this challenge, we will allow ourselves to decompress from the stress of  shopping for the new school year, and the many changes that will accompany the 2019 school year. This will also allow, our kids to adjust as well as give us time to talk about what concerns them, with the upcoming year.

Parents, we must understand, not all kids adjust to going to a new school, being promoted to high school, or that dreaded first day of being dropped off on campus, and not knowing anyone.
Remember some kids may enjoy this type of change, while for others, it may only increase their anxiety levels.

To do this challenge, just commit to 30 minutes a day, with your kids walking the neighborhood, park, or other selected location beginning on the 1st of August, until school starts. The only requirement is to put away all electronics, except that which is needed to track the time.

This challenge is not about distance, its about getting your life centered, and reducing the anxiety which comes with the kids going back to school.

Here are a few topics we discuss with our kiddos, which we utilize during our challenge, and it has seem to work well for us.

  • Discuss the topic of new teachers - Will the kiddos like them
  • Lunch time - Will they sit alone, or will they have friends to eat with
  • New Friends - When their old friends have moved on to another school
  • School subject - Will the classes be harder

As parents, we have to always keep our emotions in check, our kids feed off our emotions. If you are nervous about the upcoming school year, your kiddos will pick up on your anxiety as well. We have to be there for them, both physically, and emotionally. Be sure to show confidence, and affection while keeping your energy level up.

So there you have it, and nothing to it but to do it starting August 1st 2018, thru the start of school.

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