Sunday, July 1, 2018

How One Mom Got Her Beach Body Back With 1st N Weight Loss!

Joy Obey - Guest Blogger
I love reading everyone’s success stories of how they started with AdvoCare, whether as a customer or a distributor.
Dealing with the weight left behind from having four adorable kiddos, and the most recent being born in 2014, I knew deep inside I wanted my body back, but just did not have the time or motivation. 
My husband was an AdvoCare  distributor at the time, and invited me to one of his challenge groups, and to try the products. After several months,  I finally gave in to his persistence. 
My husband had bought AdvoCare some years ago, and signed up as a distributor for the 20% discount… and to learn more about maybe starting a business in the future.
Yes. getting back into a routine was TOUGH I mean real TOUGH. I felt like I was going to die every challenge. I was so out of shape. I started and stopped. Then I started again and…. again.
Bike Cardio
The next time around I had more than good intentions. I had a solid plan, a deadline, and consistency (even though I mixed in body pump  and the treadmill with no guilt) and this time taking my AdvoCare products as instructed (which is key to achieving good results with AdvoCare products)…I had good results!
This time my husband was right! AdvoCare was legit! I told everyone and their mama about AdvoCare and how it worked well for me during my weight loss journey to get back my beach body. 
I started to research a little bit on my own about the AdvoCare products, and its business opportunity to learn why my husband was head over heels about this company, and realized that AdvoCare was a really amazing company to be a part of. They’re big into family, helping others, and personal development which is right up my alley. 
Since the AdvoCare products helped me get such great results after baby #4, I constantly order AdvoCare Slim, and AdvoCare Fiber to help control my hunger,  and they don'’t disappoint. 
I have been able to fit in my 60 minute daily workouts around being a middle school counselor, a mom of four kids, with the youngest 3 years old, and helping my husband run his life coaching / blogging, and AdvoCare business.
I've recently made some major changes in life, including building a vacation home in Belize, Central America. Another big change is that I am now working beside my husband, with our Advocare business. 
New Vacation Home - Rancho Dolores, Belize -CA
My husband was big on me  finding my “why”….meaning your deep reason for doing what you’re doing. Being able to spend that extra quality time with my four kids, and create those special memories are important to me, being their primary caregiver on a day to day basis is OUR why. 
Being healthy for them so we can truly be there for them, intentionally and fully, each and every day is OUR why. 
Now, here I am, with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement about teaming with my husband in business and the personal physical transformation I’m embarking on, and more importantly about the opportunity to help others. 
This opportunity allows me to help people live healthier, happier lives, and gives me a sense of fulfillment.
Having built our business, on faith, with a Christian foundation of integrity, and caring I am excited to share with people not just about AdvoCare products, but the business opportunity that has proven to be so life changing for so many individuals.

Written by,
Joy Obey - Guest Blogger

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or any doctors recommendation. Prior to beginning any weight loss program, individuals must consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or treatment.