Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tips On Working Out Utilizing Your Bodyweight That Can Save You Money

You do not need to have a full gym of expensive exercise equipment to have an effective training program.

Benefits of Bodyweight Workouts
  • Save money – you don't need to spend money on buying weights and equipment.
  • Workout Anywhere - with body weight exercises you can workout everywhere.
  • Reduce Injuries - the probability for injuries is lower using bodyweight exercises.
Some Bodyweight Exercises
Here are some simple bodyweight exercises that anyone can do, with a list if the major muscle groups that they target.
ExerciseMuscles Worked
push upschest, arms and core muscles
dipstriceps, chest
chin upslats, arms
body weight squatsquads, hamstrings, buttocks and posture
sit upsabdominals
supine bridgecore muscles
side lying bridgedown phasing obliques
horizontal pull upsupper back, arms
step upsquads, hammies and buttocks
lungesquads, hammies and buttocks

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