Saturday, February 18, 2017

How I Lost 35 pounds in 45 days...........

So 310 pounds is a really unhealthy weight for anyone at age 53, regardless of my height of 6'2, which has allowed me to hide the obesity for the most part. That’s about how much I weighed on January 1st of 2017, when I made a New Years Eve resolution to get down to 250 pounds. 
I ended up taking about 35 pounds off eating a low carb, and high protein diet, utilizing meal replacements to ensure I was able to consume the right amount of protein, in order to maintain a little of what muscle I had left over from my younger days.
I had tried like so many others in previous years to lose and keep the weight off, only to fall victim and fall off the self discipline wagon. I make no excuses. I screwed up.
After spending the early years of my life traveling throughout the world while proudly serving our country, I was fit, and in shape. This carried over into retirement for a while, until it finally hit me. I could no longer lose the weight as quick as I could back in my younger days, I mean the time was not there. I was running several successful businesses, raising a family, and helping others, which was not a bad thing, until I realized..."I FORGOT ABOUT MYSELF".

This is when realization just walked right up to me and smacked me dead in the kisser, and said "wake up you big dummy", you cant raise your family, and be there for them, run a business, or help others if you are not around, or six-feet under. Talk about a reality check.
I was feeling pretty disgusted with myself.  So I pulled out a younger photo of me at the age of 35 (on the left), and started talking to it, and asking that younger guy in the photo, what did he have back then, that I did not have today besides a six-pack of abs

He said to me it was commitment, dedication, and discipline. Thats when I said at the end of 2016, I would embark on a journey, "A Lifestyle Change" , one where I was committed, dedicated, and disciplined as I once was before. 
Personally for me, I had to first understand I was now 53, and my routine would be different, and no longer would I be eating barbells for breakfast. I needed a routine where I was just an ordinary fit, and healthy looking 53 year old male, who was enjoying life, family, friends, and still helping others along the way.
So for the entire month of December I researched looking for what I called the "tools". Thats what was needed to accomplish this goal. I needed a great meal replacement, and I needed something that could help me track my exercises, calories burned, and most importantly, my food intake. 

So I hopped into my car and drove to the BXTRA and purchased a Fitbit HR and downloaded the Fitbit app on my iPhone. My results so far have been pretty good, I’m down 35 pounds…although its only been a little over 45 days, I still have another 25 pounds to go, but with my new found commitment, dedication, and discipline i'm armed with the confidence needed to beat the belly fat war.
How a Fitbit HR can assist you with your weight loss journey;
  • iPhone App
  • Tracks Steps
  • Tracks Calories
  • Tracks miles traveled
  • Active Minutes
  • Digital Clock with Date
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Auto Sleep Detection
  • Silent Wake Alarm
  • Floors Climbed
  • Caller ID
When you’ve got the willpower and you keep the “WHY” you are doing it always at the forefront of your mind, these two tools can help you reach your weight loss goals.
This is NOT a Fitbit sponsored post. I am writing this post in the hopes that it might help you decide to go for your diet and fitness goals. These two tools are fantastic in getting you on your way.

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